Support the Mama

How can friends & family support you during pregnancy & after

How many of you mamas have heard its not about you any more its all about the baby?

It seems like it’s one of the most overused and unsolicited advice a pregnant woman can receive. Lets break down the advice.

  1. When you say this are you possibly referencing that moms mental health takes a backseat?
  2. How would you feel if your visitors only wanted to visit the baby?

Contrary to popular belief, moms are just as important as the new baby. In order for baby to be healthy mom must be healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.

Support during pregnancy

  • Spend time with mom while you can. Once baby arrives she will not have as much time to plan dates.
  • When purchasing gifts for baby shower, keep the mother in mind. What are some self-care products that you can gift mom along with onsies and diapers? (gift cards, prepaid massage therapy certificates)
  • Help mom stock up on meals. You can make large meals in advance and freeze it.
  • Nursery Party? Offer to help put the nursery together

Support after pregnancy

  • Offer to make a meal for mom
  • Help mom with chores around the house (laundry, light cleaning, load the dishwasher)
  • When visiting offer to watch baby so mom can shower or even take a light nap.
  • Take mom & baby out for a light stroll when’s she’s physically able to do some low impact movement

There are many things you can do to support mom. Every mom is different and may require a different level of support. It is my hope that this blog will help bring awareness to the topic and jog your own creativity. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Support people don’t be afraid to offer help. Even if mom says she doesn’t need help, she might not know how to pinpoint what she could use your help on.

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