Introducing Pets to your Baby

How to Introduce your pets to your newborn

How many of you have furry animal as your first love? Believe it or not your furry animal has personality and may feel neglected or even jealous at times. Your pet will have to adjust to the new dynamics of your family.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your pet and baby safe:


If you live with a partner or other individuals in the house, determine who the pet loves the most. For an example, my current dog was a gift to my mother but the dog actually took to me more, therefore he’s my dog.

Once you determine the primary person the pet likes, grab a clothing item with their scent on it and give it to the pet. Let the pet sleep, play and roll around on it for about a week. This will allow the pet to be comfortable with the familiar item. Then take the item and wash it.

Take that same clothing item with you when its time to delivery the baby. The goal is to now get baby’s scent on the clothing item. So put it in the crib with baby or wrap baby up in it. Once baby’s scent is on the item take the item back home for the pet to sniff and get acquainted with the new smell. The pet will understand that this familiar item has a new scent. This will be the pets first introduction with baby.

When its time to go home the primary person will introduce pet to baby. Your partner or other individual will hold baby while you bring the pet to the baby to smell. The pet will realize that this smell was on the familiar clothing item. In the pets mind baby must be okay to like, because this smell was on a familiar item that belongs to my owner.

Safety Tips

  1. Do not leave your baby alone with a pet, even if the pet is well trained (Be mindful that sometimes pets are unaware of their own strength.)
  2. Brush up on your pet training
  3. Keep cats away from baby’s crib. You may have to lock the cat out of the baby’s room. When baby is not in the crib you can put balloons or plastic water bottles in the crib so that if the cat jumps in, it will alarm the cat and create a negative reinforcement.

Good luck on your introductions

Gingersnaps, The Empowering Doula would love to hear your experiences.

Please share how you introduced your pets too your baby.

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