Gifts for New Expecting Dads

Quick question! Have you ever bought a gift for expecting dads? If I’m honest, I haven’t. I usually buy gifts for the baby, mom or the parents as a unit. Does it make me biased that I support mothers and babies way more than I support the dads? I started to search deep within myself to figure out why I don’t buy dad gifts lol. I’m still not sure why I haven’t shown them as much love, but I am willing to make a change.

I began reaching out to a few dads and asked them if they received any gifts for becoming a new dad. All of them said no. Shockingly, they didn’t seem upset about it. It was as if they didn’t expect anything. So what do dads want as a gift? The dads I talked to were quite modest. They agreed that as long as the mom gets what she needs that is all the gift they need. One dad chimed in and said the gift is the baby. Another dad was perplexed that I even asked the question. Out of the three dads, I had one bold one say stocks and socks.

There you have it lol! Fuzzy socks and stock bonds

I’m a big fan of the keurig coffee maker! The first couple of weeks can be rough for a dad when the baby finally arrives. Make a dads day and gift him some k-cups or a coffee maker.

Stocks is a gift that screams out side of the box! I love it though. Its different and it can be a legacy game changer.

So I recently just purchased a camera and OMG that thing can come with a hefty price tag. I feel like the art of owning a camera is slowly being lost due to our cellular device. We can take so many great photos on our phone! However, I do think we all should invest in a camera. Here me out first. Do we really need all those photos and videos on our phone? I’m always battling with the management of my storage and its extremely frustrating. We all know that new parents are going to flood timelines and group chats with their endless photos/videos of their newborn. With that being said a point & shoot camera would make a great gift for dad. It frees up the storage on their phone and it also saves their phone battery.

Here’s a list of some decent cameras:

Quick tip on purchasing cameras: Opt in for purchasing refurbished cameras, open box cameras, or even display cameras. You can save hundreds of dollars going this route. I purchased my camera on “Facebook Marketplace” and saved 250 dollars!

Okay this is the last gift idea! What about comfy slides or slippers? We talked about fuzzy socks, but it would be cool if we paired it with some slides. I’ve been a fan of the Adidas and Nike slides.

Try to keep your gifting ideas authentic. Be true to dads personality and you cant go wrong. To all of my expecting fathers Congratulations!

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