Doula Recharge

Have you ever been so consumed with your everyday task, that you forget to be still?

That was me last week. I was feeling like I couldn’t do enough work in a single day and it would boil over to the next and plague my periods of rest I call sleep. I needed a moment. I needed this moment to be intentional and not just a mere thought in my head. Lying across my boyfriends bed I confessed that I needed a break from work and that I was clearing my schedule for the following week. He chuckled and said the time when you seek rest the most is the time when your schedule is going to be busy.

Later that evening I went home and opened up my planner. To my dismay there was no way I could completely clear my schedule. However I could allot myself to only do the necessary things. I began to carve out my schedule. There were time slots for work that I couldn’t avoid or meetings I had to attend. I also created pockets of time to devote to God, be physically active, and any other refueling activities for my soul. For seven days I was intentional with having “Me Time”.  After completing my 7 days of soul rest I am now ready to immerse myself back into the flow of things. However, I am going to take things steady and be mindful that I don’t have to do everything in a day.

Day 1

Today was a pretty simple day. If I am honest it was too simple. I had this nauseating feeling that I should be doing something. I felt horrible that my schedule was super light today. Normally, during my idle time, I would spend an enormous amount of time on Facebook and Instagram. I wanted something different this week. I didn’t want to be negatively consumed by social media. I deleted the Facebook and Instagram app on my phone. I gave myself permission to use Facebook as a tool to communicate with my clients. If I didn’t have any clients, I logged off Facebook for the day.

“The Sabbath is God’s stand against the Tyranny of always having to say yes. The Sabbath is God’s gift of a no to us in our obsessive, compulsive patterns of living”.

Eugene Cho

I spent an amazing amount of time with God. I exercised twice today, completed a mandatory meeting and prepared for an upcoming interview. I even read a favorite book. In the moments where I felt the need to do something, I stepped into my creative space and wrote some poetry. I closed out the day with a guided meditation. It was amazing. I have to find a way to incorporate this into my daily lifestyle. Because I love you I am going to share the podcast that got me hip to guided meditation for my personal life.

Cognac Cupcakes And Conversations · Bonus Ep – Take a Break, Meditate

Day 2

One of my many prayers today is “Show Me How to Rest”.

I got up pretty early today and did some journaling with God. I participated in a fast, just for some genuine clarity. It rained for most of the day but it was refreshing. I’ve always enjoyed a good rainy day especially when you don’t have to operate in it. I enjoyed the smell and the beauty of it patio side. Today was a good day to cuddle up with a cup of coffee and book. I studied for a bout 2 hours today, completed content for my youtube page and watched the sunset. The Sunset was the best part of the “Me Time”.

Day 3

Today is a little busy. I had 2 meetings. I still made time to Journal with God. “Me Time” today consisted of movie night. I like drama films and romantic comedy films. Today I had a feel for romance. I spotted an interesting movie on Hulu. It was listed under the romance category. I don’t recommend this movie to be watched during your battle of seeking rest and peace. Its an extremely heavy movie to watch, but it does have romance

Day 4

“We can assume a restful posture but that only grants us temporary rest. True rest comes from God.”

Soul Rest Devotional: 7 Days to Renewal, (Jeremiah 31:25)

Despite the heavy mood this morning from last night movie, I have managed to smile. My boyfriend sent a nice text this morning and I feel surrounded by love. I stayed in bed a little longer today. The sunlight has yet to enter my room. It’s a grey day, filled with clouds and rain. I have a clear schedule today. After spending time journaling with God I did yoga on my patio. My dog Remy came to join me. It was quite relaxing.

Day 5

I’m feeling great today. I watched “All Things Adrienne” and I really enjoyed her youtube video. Ive seen a couple of videos before. There were a couple of things that she talked about in the video that resonated in me and I wanted to incorporate it into my lifestyle. One was getting back into taking my daily vitamins and the other was making time to spend with God. This week has been easy navigating time with God, but what happens when I am no longer able to telework and my flexible schedule is no longer permitted. Well apparently Adrienne sets an alarm for her first 15. What sets her apart from others that say schedule time to talk to God is what she named her alarm clock. I don’t want to give too much away, but I do encourage you to watch the video for some joy. Thanks Adrienne for this tip! I have incorporated something similar that speaks to me.

Day 6

My Journey to seeking rest is coming to an end. I participated in a teen rally as the youth marched against racism to support the movement against police brutality in our communities.

Day 7

Today is the last day of recharging myself. Today I had clarity to have difficult conversations with the ones I love to prepare for the future. I checked in with my family for our weekly family meeting. I spent quality time with my boyfriend and ran typical errands for the day. I also reviewed my planner to get started on the week ahead.

“There’s nothing selfish about sabbath, rest, & self-care. We can’t give what we don’t have”

Marva Dawn

What are you  doing to replenish yourself? I hope that a glimpse of my recharging week will inspire you to take care of yourself.

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