Baby Monitors Creating a False Sense of Security

A mom glowing over her new baby monitor

It may be relatively safe to say that baby monitors usually end up on the baby registry list. 

Its something about the perceived information you can gather from using a baby monitor. Parents eyes literally light up when a company debuts their new baby monitor tracking heart rates, oxygen levels, and sleep trends. All of these quirky features sound cool, but what are the parents going to do with this information.

Parents need to know that if a baby needs to be closely monitored that the hospital will provide medical grade equipment that can accurately assess respirations and heart rates. The equipment provided is serviced annually. Don’t fall victim to baby monitors creating a false sense of security in your home. Using your physical eyes and presence may be enough to ensure the safety of your baby. 

Heres what the American Academy of Pediatrics had to say about sleep monitors. It has been an ongoing study to justify if home monitors can reduce the risk of SIDS. After numerous studies the evidence could not prove that home monitors reduce SIDS. However there are proven practices that parents can do to keep their baby safe and reduce SIDS. I encourage to take a look at

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