Meet Shanari AKA Gingersnaps

I am a Registered Nurse who works in the community serving functionally and chronically ill individuals who are at risk of institutionalizations. I continue to serve my community through volunteering at local organizations and serving in children’s ministry.

I strive to make healthy decisions whether it’s physical or emotional. I love fitness & wellness, although I can appreciate a hotspot Krispy Kreme Doughnut lol. I enjoy spending time with my “senior citizen” dog lol. If you ask me he’s the cutest dog in the universe!

I have a soft heart, that will easily cry over any sappy movie! I’ve watched Titanic a thousand times, yet I still cry as if it’s my first time viewing the movie. Despite my ability to cry on cue for every movie, I believe I have managed to find the balance of being hardcore and sensitive.

Some may ask how did a Registered Nurse end up becoming a doula. I wouldn’t say “end up”, but rather “begin”. I actually had a passion for labor and delivery for eight plus years. I didn’t know how to break into the field, until one day when I was lying on my bedroom floor. I was approaching the end of my 7 day fast, when I heard a soft audible whisper. “Doula!” The revelation was finally here!

I prepared myself to become a birth doula by taking additional training:

  • Birth Doula Workshop
  • Intro into Childbirth for Doulas
  • Breastfeeding for Doulas

I love being a doula because I get to be a part of a woman’s sacred place. In this place we empower one another and lift each other in respect and love. As a doula I help create a healthy atmosphere for baby’s arrival. It is one of the most phenomenal things to be a part of.


Shanari & Her Dog


Gingersnaps, The Empowering Doula was founded to give expecting mothers a voice. We live in an age where pregnancy & birth is manufactured with set guidelines and protocols. Mothers may ask questions and receive answers, such as “because it’s protocol”, with no real supporting evidence mothers find their selves just going with the flow.

With Gingersnaps by your side, I will ensure that every expecting mother nonmedical needs are met, while enhancing communication & understanding between the collaborative healthcare team. I will also provide evidence-based information to assist mothers with informed decision making.

A woman’s body is wonderfully made for childbirth. Mom’s remember you are unique! Together, we will debunk myths of childbirth allowing every mother to overcome fear and gain confidence in her body. My goal is to maintain the normalcy of childbirth through education, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement, respect and love.

Mothers have a voice!  Babies have a voice!  You can do this!

Gingersnaps empowers every mother to be everything her inner voice desires her to be!

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