5 Mobile Apps Every Mom Needs


The Layout of this app is pretty appealing to the eye and it has great reviews. If you’re new to all this baby stuff I think you’ll enjoy the fun facts the app gives you regarding the development of your baby and yourself.



Have you ever wondered if the medication you take has an impact on your fetus or has the potential to harm your baby through breastfeeding? If you answered yes then download this app! I love this app because for each medication it identifies the risks for pregnancy, Labor & Delivery, Infertility, and Lactation. The app is also a free download.


Here’s another great app to check the safety of medication during pregnancy & breastfeed. Unlike Medscape, this app has a small fee associated with it.

CDC Milestone Tracker

CDC is also a great tool to track the development of your child. The app is free!

Count the Kicks

Have you ever heard of counting your baby’s kicks? Counting kicks can help monitor your baby’s well being. This app is super helpful and can come in hand at your next prenatal visit. Its also FREE!


Gingersnaps, The Empowering Doula wants to know what app you’re obsessed with. What Apps are you using?

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