3 Brands Moms Love During Postpartum

During the postpartum period moms will experience changes in her uterus, resulting in after pains. She will also experience changes in her vaginal discharge, perineum and her overall body as well as with her emotions.

Its nice to know that there are brands out there geared to support various mothers during her awkward postpartum period. I have put together a list of brands that is worth mentioning to moms.

  1. Mother Mother: This brand is founded by a mother which is super cool! I love brands that can relate to the consumer. You can find essential items for moms during pregnancy and after. A few products caught my eye instantly: Postpartum Recovery Bundle, Peri Bottle, Silver Nipple Soothers, and Lactation Support Bundle. Mother Mother also donates 20% of their sales gained through the Postpartum Recovery Bundle to Black doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, and organizations that are helping to end the Black maternal health crisis. So make sure you support and buy a bundle.
  2. Honey Pot Co: This brand is founded by Bea Dixon. What’s exciting about this brand is that she’s a woman with melanin enriched skin. She uses natural herbs in her products for their healing properties. As a doula I always recommend moms to make her own padsicles to soothe her sore perineum, but if you want to save prep time you can purchase Honey Pot’s Postpartum Herbal Pads. It has mint, lavender and aloe to soothe any discomfort. I have met a few moms that swear by this product.
  3. The Spoiled Mama: This brand sounds like its filled with pampering. The founder of this brand is a mom and a registered nurse. That’s a double whammy! I love that they incorporate some green features in their packaging and shipping process. So why do our moms need this brand in their life? Well, they offer products that address common concerns that most mothers have such as an itchy baby bump, stretch marks, acne or breastfeeding concerns. I like that this brand offers a postpartum herbal bath product “Sitzing Pretty” Postpartum Sitz. Sitz baths help soothe a sore itchy perineum by increasing circulation to the area to promote healing. It also can be soothing for moms with hemorrhoids.

I hope this list will make your Postpartum Recovery a tad bit easier. Please share your Postpartum hacks/tips with us on Facebook!

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